About Us

YoWork is Your Own WORKing space Located in the heart of Lake City Bhopal, Capital of Madhya Pradesh – aesthetically designed premium corporate co-working office space, equipped with ergonomic furniture to assist you in performing your best at work for all types of businesses and professionals in any stage or size. It enables a network of like-minded, creative individuals to Network, Collaborate and Grow together.

We at YoWork strongly believe that co-working is about community building, Networking, Collaborating and Growing together. It’s about supporting every entrepreneur or a start-up with not just a space but with helping them find the right ecosystems, the guidance, the funding, the mentors and much more, so that the arduous journey becomes less cumbersome and more focussed.

Yowork is a playground for minds, a greenhouse for brands, and a workspace in Bhopal welcomes you with a luxurious lounge area, aesthetically designed workstations and a collaborative ambience full of focus along with the feeling of being in a community of like-minded professionals.

YoWork is Your Own WORKing space So come, take a tour of YoWork, to feel the energy and begin a new journey.